Easter Eats: 4 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Easter Eats: 4 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Walk into most grocery stores during the month of March and you will see one common theme – Easter! Chocolate, candy, food platters, glazed ham, and enough side dishes to make your head spin. It’s a special time for family and tradition but dieters need to be wary. Holiday eating can break your streak causing weight gain, being thrown out of ketosis, and loss of focus.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead

Instead of wondering what each meal will be like, I prep my main meals ahead of time as part of my Sunday ritual. Do this for Easter! If you are struggling with all the options at family functions, having an Ideal Protein Vanilla Square or pack of Soy Nuts can really save you from indulging in unapproved foods. If you really want to be proactive, offer to plan meals and assist in cooking for family or work functions. That way, you will know how all the food is prepped and cooked.

Tip 2: Offer To Bring a Dish

Offering to bring a dish is not only a kind gesture but something everyone – including you- can enjoy! A salad filled with vibrant and Ideal Protein phase-approved veggies (kale, chopped celery, cucumbers, protein of choice, etc.) is a great way to ensure you have a healthy lunch or dinner option available. You’ll also be showing friends and family that eating healthy is simple and filling! I personally enjoy making salad wraps! You can use the lettuce as the “wrap” portion and fill the insides with all kinds of Ideal Protein phase-approved veggies! Want to take it a bit farther? I often mix the IP Chili mix with lean beef to create a healthy Lettuce Wrap Taco!

Tip 3: Concentrate On Your Food

Slow and steady wins the race.” That quote applies to more than just the race between a tortoise and the hare from storybooks. Slowing down while eating allows your brain to catch up with the food you are putting in your  mouth. You’ll find yourself learning your “satisfaction” level. For me, I would eat to satisfy the feeling of hunger rather than what I really needed – which was half the portion I put on my plate!

Tip 4: Reach Out To Your Health Coach Or Support Buddy

Like the song goes – we only get by with a little help from our friends! If you are feeling overwhelmed, reach out to your Health Coach for support and guidance. They have not only been in your shoes and understand the struggles BUT they are key to staying on track! When I went on Ideal Protein , I found myself becoming very close to my Health Coach because they GET IT. Life has temptations but we can get through it! If you need support on demand, check out the many facebook pages dedicated towards supporting Ideal Protein dieters all over the world!

Looking to start or learn more about Ideal Protein? Contact us by calling our Kailua or Honolulu office at the number at the top of this website. OSR Weight Management offers Complimentary Infosessions so individuals can learn more about the program, pricing, how it can positively impact their health and more! We look forward to hearing from you!


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