How many hours of sleep do you get in daily? Did you know not only diet and exercise are important? We all need sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation has recommended the amount of sleep we need based on our age. Studies has shown that when we get less than 6-7 hours of sleep we become at risk for developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and other chronic condition. Not enough sleep may also lead to memory loss and motor vehicle accidents.

Listed below are ways that help me get in at least 6 hours of sleep a night:

1. Meal Prepping – On my day off I do my grocery shopping and prep my foods for the up coming busy week. This helps alleviates the amount of time spent in the kitchen every night.

2. Decrease time on computers and cell phones –  Once I am at home I try to make it a point that all hand held electric devices are out of my reach and put away on its charging portal (I still need work in this area).

3. Exercise/Meditation – I find that exercise and/or meditation helps me get to a place in my mind where I call my “happy place”. My stress level is reduced therefore, making it easier to sleep.

4. Read a book – For some, reading a book keeps them awake but for me it puts me to sleep after 10 pages.

5. Stick to a schedule –  My daily planner is filled with my appointments and activities. Although everyday may not be perfect due to emergencies or cancellations, adjust and compromise makes everything less stressful.

6. Setting an alarm – I set an alarm as a reminder to let me know its bedtime! Who said an alarm is only used to wake up? I am not ashamed to admit but I am normally asleep before hearing the reminder.

I hope the little techniques I use will help you get the recommended amount of sleep in daily. Put your phone down and close your emails its time for bed!

Wishing you all a good night!

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