Spring Cleaning Tips for your Health

Spring Cleaning Tips for your Health

Spring is just around the corner and for many of us that brings on the urge to tidy up, clean out, and simplify. We go far beyond the weekly, vacuuming, mopping and dusting to get our homes in tip-top shape. So why not spring-clean our eating habits, too? Say goodbye to old routines and lose weight with healthier, smarter choices. The days are numbered for getting that summer body back into shape, below are some spring cleaning tips to help get you back on track and reaching your goals!

Find the real reason you want to lose weight:

If the only reason you are trying to lose weight is to see a smaller number on the scale or to make someone else happy, you are setting yourself up for failure. There needs to be a bigger reason. Whether it is having more energy to play with your kids, living longer and taking less medication, or simply to improve your mood. Find your motivation, tell someone about it, and don’t give up.

Spring Clean your Pantry and Fridge:

While spring cleaning the house, make sure to include your kitchen. It’s time to get rid of excess food that could sabotage your diet. Make room in your fridge and pantry for healthy options and everything you need in order to reach your weight loss goals.

Stay Hydrated:

Water helps us eliminate toxins, carry nutrients to our cells and prevents dehydration. Drinking water also raises your metabolism and can improve your fat burning rate. If you are feeling hungry, drink a glass water before reaching for something to eat; it can help to curb unnecessary snacking.

Get Adequate Sleep:

Not getting enough quality sleep at night can cause you to put the pounds on more quickly. Experts suggest that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. The best way to make sure you get enough sleep is to get into a routine of going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time each morning. Your body craves consistency, plus you’re more likely to get enough sleep if you schedule rest like your other important tasks.

Load up on Veggies:

Vegetables are not only jam packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but they also add lots of color and flavor to your plate. Keep them close throughout the day for a great snack option. Spring is filled with wonderful seasonal vegetables like lettuce, kale, cabbage, asparagus and spinach.

Eat Fresh:

Farmer’s markets offer fresher selections of produce which is generally much healthier than what you will find on grocery store shelves. An added bonus, you can burn extra calories while walking around and gathering up fresh and organic produce that is preservative free and tastes clean. Support your local farmers while getting healthier!

Weigh and Measure your Food:

On Ideal Protein it is recommended that you weigh all veggies and meat before cooking them. Weighing and measuring your food teaches you portion and helps keep you from eating more than you planned. Don’t forget to write all down in you journal each day.

Get Moving:

Go for a walk along on the beach, take a hike, go swimming or take the family out for a fun bike ride in the park. Exercising with family or friends can help keep you motivated, and you can help hold each other accountable.

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