Weight Management


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Tis the Season! Yes all, holidays are approaching quickly. Many of us feel that holidays are a distraction for staying strict on protocol. If that may be you, have a plan and be aware of [...]


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As Halloween quickly approaches, it brings me back to a youngster growing up in Kapahulu and knocking on endless lit doors. October was the month of “free” unlimited candy. My friends and I would fill [...]

Reward Yourself

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I’ve heard and said this phrase more than once, “Eat all your food first and then you may have dessert.” It's funny how we mimic statements from our own childhood and use them when we [...]

Better Sleep, Better Health

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Believe it or not, 1/3 of American adults have trouble sleeping. Can you relate? Getting enough uninterrupted sleep can make a vast improvement to your mental and physical health. Adults need an average 7-9 hours each [...]

Marijuana and Diabetes? What’s the Connection?

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Marijuana use has been colloquially associated with "the munchies," the phenomenon of increased appetite that can occur following use.  However, in the journal Obesity, researchers have published data showing that regular marijuana users actually have lower Body Mass Indexes [...]