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Emily Brewer APRN-Rx, FNP-C, Clinic Director

After completing her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Texas Tech University, Emily moved to Hawaii in 2007. Emily then went on a medical relief mission in Haiti that transformed her life and made her want to be able to help even more people, which she felt she could do best as a Nurse Practitioner. Always hard working and dedicated, Emily graduated Hawaii Pacific University’s Nurse Practitioner program as the Class Valedictorian. As a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, she is passionate about holistic care of her patients. Emily’s interest in physical medicine began at an early age and continued through her college years running track and playing volleyball for Texas Tech University. Because of her background in sports and her active lifestyle, Emily considers weight management, diet and whole-body health to be a passion of hers.

Emily also has a strong interest in women’s health and wellness. She is the secretary for the Hawaii Association of Nurse Practitioners and a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Emily enjoys food, travel, and exercise, especially if it is in the Hawaiian sun.


Kelli Wilson, Certified Health Coach


Kelli has been surrounded by health, nutrition, and exercise her entire life. Raised by a physical education teacher and a sports enthusiast, she was encouraged to participate in sports and was taught the importance of staying active early on. Kelli continued to gain knowledge of the many benefits of a healthy regime while being involved in college athletics. She even met her husband, a fitness professional, at the gym.

Kelliʻs biggest lesson in leading a healthy life came after being diagnosed with a serious chronic health condition 10 years ago. She changed her diet dramatically in response, and saw a huge difference in her symptoms. Because of her first-hand experience in witnessing the profound impact of changing what we eat for the better, Kelli has now dedicated herself to helping others do the same.

Besides her exceptional knowledge and compassion for patients, Kelli also excels at helping patients balance the challenges of forming healthy eating habits with having a family and a busy lifestyle. We are thrilled that Kelli has turned her passion into her profession as a Health Coach with OSR Weight Management.


kelli1Britt Wells, Operations Manager and Health Coach

Serving as Operations Manager and a Certified Health Coach for OSR Weight Management, Britt Wells manages the day-to-day operations of the business, and spends one-on-one time with our patients as a Health Coach.  In addition she will continue to develop partnerships as well as manage and lead the growth of the business operations within the state of Hawaii.
Britt is passionate about health and wellness, evidenced by her priorities in her personal life.  Britt has run both a full and a half marathon, and also enjoys yoga, going to the gym and hiking. She is also an enthusiastic volunteer for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, granting the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.   Britt takes great pride in her ability to motivate and inspire others to engage in a healthy lifestyle and achieve their own personal goals.

Britt graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration and an emphasis in Marketing from the University of San Diego.  Prior to joining OSR Weight Management, Britt served as operations manager and project manager for a commercial real estate company.  She also served as an investor relations manager for a San Diego private real estate investment firm, where she managed the firm’s relationships with high net worth investors, financial advisors and other intermediaries.  Britt is a huge asset to the OSR Weight team, and to all of our patients.


Debbie Burr, Health Coachdebbie website_opt

Debbie Burr was born and raised on Oahu, Hawaii and has always enjoyed interacting with and caring for others.  She has been in the visitor and service industry for 30 years, holding a degree in hotel management.  Debbie’s focus began to shift after becoming a mother, realizing the importance modeling of a healthy lifestyle for her children.  She began working out intensively and even eventually became the owner of a fitness gym in Honolulu.

Debbie still had been frustrated however, that her active lifestyle had not helped her achieve all her health goals.  She had tried multiple diets, but found them unable to help her with weight maintenance.  Debbie then found OSR Weight Management and became a patient.  In learning more about her body’s metabolism and how to eat correctly, Debbie was able to reach her weight loss goal.  Debbie has lost an incredible 115.2 pounds, but more importantly, she gained a new lifestyle and a new career.  As a Certified Health Coach, Debbie is passionate not only in helping others, but also in leading by example.  At 48, Debbie has realized that when one door closes, life opens another one – it’s never too late to find your true calling!  We are thrilled to have Debbie on board as a Health Coach, not just because of her warmth, friendliness, and empathy.  Her extensive experience as an Ideal Protein dieter brings a unique perspective to her coaching style, and we all learn so much from her.